Do the visual details on the surface of Audanika help to memorize songs faster? First observations.

We say thank you for 11 years of loyalty: All previously paid SoundPrism sounds are now free. Just open the Sound menu in SoundPrism and you’re ready to go.

Additional Changes

  • On iOs Audanika is now also offering three virtual MIDI ports for bass, chord, and melody. Use Audanika’s MIDI flexibly within apps like Cubasis, AUM, or Loopy Pro.
  • Simple chord mode no longer uses the organ sound, but the chord sound instead
  • Bass Section now plays only one MIDI note instead of three
  • For some languages, the German note names were displayed
  • The crackling at the beginning has been removed
  • Portrait Mode now works correctly on the iPhone
  • Multi-touch problems were solved

By Tim Stapperfenne & Gabriel Gatzsche

Lonely but celebrated. — Many of today’s digital music tools are aimed at people producing and presenting music alone (Image: iStock).

When Andreas Gatzsche sees his children struggling with music theory at music school, he quickly puts a circle of thirds on paper. He could never have dreamed of what his children would later develop from it.

Image: Gabriel Gatzsche with the music app Audanika.
The Audanika development roadmap has to meet very different requirements: Audanika should be an awesome tool to teach music to the upcoming generation. On the other end Audanika targets professional music producers.


  • 2022–01–14: Added Francescos ideas of several feature levels Audanika should implement.
  • 2022–01–07: Added Francescos idea of triggering chords using a MIDI keyboard + chord accompanying…


Create Melodies you’re proud of.

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