Connect Audanika to Ableton Live

Receive bass, chord and melody notes from Audanika on different tracks in Ableton Live. In this tutorial we are showing how you can configure Ableton to receive MIDI from Audanika.

Create a MIDI connection between your Android or iOS Device and your Mac/PC

First you have to connect your Android or iOS device to your Mac or Windows machine. To find out how, watch this tutorial.

In Ableton: Make Sure, Android or iOS MIDI Device is activated

In the Menu select “Live/Preferences”

Select “Link MIDI”:

Make sure, your Android or iOS (MacOSX only) device MIDI is on:

Close the dialog.

Create Three MIDI Tracks for Bass, Chord and Melody

In Ableton create three MIDI tracks, called “Bass”, “Chord” and “Melody”:

Connect these tracks with your desired VST or Audio Unit or hardware synth (not shown here).

Configure Bass Track to Receive Bass Notes From Audanika

Select your Audanika device for “MIDI From”:

Select MIDI Channel 1:

Now the Bass track should only receive MIDI notes with channel 1, that are the bass notes of Audanika.

Configure Chord and Melody Track to Receive Notes From Audanika

Chord and Melody Track are configured in the same way, the bass track is configured. The only difference: MIDI channels 2 and 3 have to be selected in the “MIDI From” page:

Configure now the right instrument plugins for each of your three channels and you are done.

Create Melodies you’re proud of.