State of Audanika AUV3 Support

Still a dream: Audanika running as an AUV3 in Audiobus.


  • 2022–01–05: The flutter team has responded and a separate GitHub issue is created.
  • 2021–12–28: We published a Flutter based sample AUV3 and asked Google for support. Flutter engine is working, but the user interface content is not rendered .
  • 2021–12–04: We got a reply on GitHub stating that AUV3 could be possible with Flutter. We will check it out.

Why We Do Not Support AUV3 Yet

We Need Your’s and Google’s Support

  • If you work at Google, even better, in the Flutter Team: Reach out to us and let’s talk how we can add App Extension support to Flutter.
  • If you are part of the iOS music community: Please leave a comment below that post stating that you want to have Audanika as AUV3. Google will see your comments and higher prioritise our request.

How You Can Reach Out to Us




Create Melodies you’re proud of.

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Create Melodies you’re proud of.

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